What is a Republican?

True Republicans believe in limited government and individual rights.

True Republicans believe in:

  • Fiscal responsibility

    • We must spend within our means, avoid deficits wherever possible and keep taxes low!

  • Free trade

    • America’s businesses and industries must be allowed to compete in the global market without trade-destroying tariffs.

  • Rule of Law

    • The United States Constitution must guide America’s lawmaking process, and no one is above the law.

  • States’ rights

    • Per the Tenth Amendment, all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government should be reserved for the states or the people.

  • Family values

    • Our laws and policies must ensure that all families are respected without discrimination or harassment.

  • Individual rights

    • One’s gender, race, sexual orientation, national heritage or faith must not be grounds for discrimination or exclusion.

  • Environmental protection

    • Since the days of Teddy Roosevelt, Republicans have been leaders in protecting our irreplaceable natural heritage. Simply put, conservatives believe in conservation!

Republicans with integrity want to protect our children!

What is "Republicans for Integrity?"

We are Republican former Members of Congress who feel compelled to remind Republican voters about the fundamentals of our party and to provide the facts about incumbents' voting records. During this information-overloaded time of political ads —many sponsored by "dark money" — it is difficult to know the truth.

Facts matter: Years ago, many of us were founders of VoteSmart, whose mission is to provide "free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials to ALL Americans." We were frustrated that voters didn’t have access to the facts necessary to make educated voting choices. Therefore as you review the subject tabs in this website, we intend to provide you the facts.

We believe that serving our country in the United States Congress was an honor. We are uniquely qualified to provide this information because most voters have not had the opportunity of walking in our shoes. We know the pressures, but we also know that in politics, talk is cheap! What counts are one’s actions.

Wake-up call: No political party is 100% right all of the time. We intend to “wake up” voters, and even their elected officials, who blindly follow the "party line" regardless of the facts.

We believe in a vigorous two-party system, based on integrity and good faith between the parties. When we served in office, our guiding principle was not "is this a Republican bill or a Democratic bill?"

Instead, we asked, "is this legislation in the best interest of the people?"

We intend to demonstrate that most of today's Senate Republican incumbents follow neither true Republican values nor the facts. For the most part, they do not place the interests of their own constituents or our country above blind partisanship.

In this website and on our Twitter feed, we provide thoughtful Republicans with the facts, because at this precarious moment in the history of our democracy, it is critical that we elect people of integrity!

Take the pledge!

Regardless of your party affiliation, take the Make Integrity Great Again pledge to indicate you will only work for –and vote for– candidates of integrity.

Are you a former Member?

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